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Detroit Techno Renaissance Art Exhibition – Abdul Haqq – ADE

We Hijacked the basement of an old financial institute for this very special ADE event where Haqq will exhibit a selection of the very best and most iconic pieces, prints and custom artworks from the last 25 years Techno art or the Detroit Renaissance if you will….Join us by simply filling in the RSVP Form

After filling in your email address you will be taken to a second window to fill in your name and surname!

Abdul Qadim Haqq also known as Haqq, also known as the Ancient, is an American visual artist born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.
Haqq has been serving the techno music community since 1989 and he is dedicated to (Detroit) Techno Visual Art.
Over the last 25 years, Haqq’s illustrations have become some of the most revered techno art in the world and his artwork continues to inspire fans all over the world. Haqq’s Artwork is seen all over the world on classic records from Detroit Techno labels like:

Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Metroplex, UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, Nightvision Records, Transmat and legendary artists like Kevin Saunderson, Rick Wade, Orlando Voorn, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Drexciya and Juan Atkins a.k.a. Model 500 from which most will be on display during Amsterdam Dance Event.

Abdul will be doing a live painting session paired with the sounds of the very talented DJ/Producer/Live-artist whom’s name we won’t disclose just yet. All we can say is that this artist shared the console along with the undisputed master Jeff Mills and on that occasion the famous newspaper “The Republic” defines him as a “student of the school of Detroit to which Mills himself helped to bring prestige “. He earned full support of some of the grand mullahs of Detroit Techno like:Juan Atkins, DJ Stingray, Orlando Voorn, DJ Rolando, Santiago Salazarand the UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE family.

Buyers, Collectors, Fans:
There will be a selection of prints and custom artworks on sale that will not be available to purchase from anywhere else.

About Official ADE PLAYGROUND location: De Plaatsmakerij

De Plaatsmakerij, located in the former bank buildings at the Haarlemmerweg in Amsterdam, opened its doors this July.
De Plaatsmakerij (= The Placemaking space) offers a temporary social-cultural programme with a special focus on connecting with the local community during the transition period from office space to apartments.

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