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Roster Update: Christopher Kah

Music speaks louder then words they say, with Christopher Kah this is just a understatement.

Christopher is no stranger when it comes to creating unique sound records that gets huge support from major artists as Laurent Garnier, Dr Motte and Dave Clarke.
You know you are something special when you’ve been mentioned in the history of 25 year International Gigolo Records and now as head of his own HighWav records about to make his own waves.

Christopher Kah is a multidisciplinary electronic music producer and performer from France. He mastered the art of sound design and his performance on stage is always an evolving concept of dj-ing, synthesizers, drum computers and samplers. His music is focused on the darker side of techno and house, with fresh and unique sounding deep grooving basslines, haunting riffs and moody pads.

With his very welcome palette of sounds makes him a definite great addition to our HJCKD.AM Roster.
Christopher Kah can be booked worldwide as of today.

For more info:

Christopher kah’s complete bio at HJCKD.AM
Website: http://www.christopherkah.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/christopherkah
For bookings: marco.tank@hjckd.am || stefan.dejong@hjckd.am 
For Management: robert.schaeffer@hjckd.am

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