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New Tours: Paul Johnson 420+ Tour 

Paul Johnson is often copied but has never have been equaled, because Paul Johnson is .. well… he is PAUL JOHNSON.

Paul just released his 445th record and he is coming your way again!
There is reason for him to be named as the very first artist in the track “Teachers” by Daft Punk.
With many timeless classics on his name such as ”Feel My MF Bass”, ”Give Me Ecstasy”, Hear the Music”
and his latest banger on Bosconi Records “I Like To Get Down” he definetly knows how to deliver real House music.

Paul can be booked for 2 different types of sets. The Regular Paul Johnson, or as a Dance Mania Special.

Tour schedule:
European Tour: October 2017 to January 2018
Asia/Australia/Pacific Tour: January to March 2018 for inquiries: booking@hjckd.am

Source: Paul Johnson || often copied, never equaled


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