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Paul Johnson’s 420+ World Tour – EU tour schedule announced

Paul Johnson is often copied but has never has been equaled, because Paul Johnson is .. well…he ís PAUL JOHNSON, get ready for his long awaited 420+ Tour.

Most of you will quickly link Paul Johnson’s 420+ tour name to Paul’s biggest passion next to his music which is of course his love for Cannabis Sativa. But no, actually the name was derived from the amount of tracks he has made throughout his career. Paul shows no signs of slowing down and this tour is only just the beginning as Paul is set to make the whole world “Get Down” again.

PAUL JOHNSON – 420+ World Tour – EU

Paul Johnson is often copied but has never has been equaled, because Paul Johnson is .. well…he ís Paul Johnson, get ready for his long awaited 420+ Tour.Wave 1: EUROPE20 oct. Paris – Make It Deep – DJOON21 oct. London – Concrete Music – The Prince of Wales27 oct. Glasgow – Ezup – La Cheetah Club28 oct. Trestina – Bar MÈ – Benny Blanco31 oct. Monopoli – Φύση – House District03 nov. Newcastle – Motion Newcastle – Digital Newcastle04 nov. Leeds – Club Church11 nov. Paris – La Machine du Moulin Rouge25 dec. Belfast – Foundry26 dec. Dublin Pygmalion28 dec.Berlin Griessmuehle30 dec. Amsterdam – Claire 12 jan. Helsinki – Kaiku13 jan. Munchen – Rote Sonne26 jan. Turin – We Play The Music We Love- Bunker 27 jan. Bologna – Link Bologna03 feb. Malta – OTR Stardust16 feb. Lyon – Le Petit Salon17 feb. Nantes- Warehouse09 mar. Edinburgh – Cabaret VoltaireWave 2 available: BOOK NoW at booking@hjckd.am Track: Paul Johnson – I like to get down – Released on Bosconi Records

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There are too many timeless classics on his name such as ”Feel My MF Bass”, ”Give Me Ecstasy”, “Hear the Music”, “Get Get Down” and not to forget about his extensive remix work and collaborations with, Daft Punk, DJ Sneak, K-Alexi, Stacy Kidd, Joey Beltram, Green Velvet, Armando and Ron Trent and even Destiny’s Child and Ce Ce Peniston which all made its way into all the big jocks boxes to remain there to this day.
There is reason for Paul Johnson to be named as the very first artist in the track “Teachers” by Daft Punk, because Paul Johnson is .. well…he ís PAUL JOHNSON. One of Chicago’s most loved and renowned artists.

20 oct Paris
21 oct London
27 oct Glasgow
28 oct Trestina
31 oct Monopoli
3 nov  Newcastle
4 nov  Leeds
11 nov Paris
26 jan Turin
2 feb Edinburgh

TBA Amsterdam,Barcelona,Helsinki,Berlin,Nantes,
Manchester,Dublin,Nancy,Frankfurt, Modena,Riga,Antwerp,Warsaw

Paul’s 420+ tour will touch ground all over Europe from October till March and after a little break continue in the Asia/Pacific and South America Regions. For booking inquiries: booking@hjckd.am

“House music, from my mind, to my heart, Thru my hands. The message is universal.”
– Paul Leighton Johnson



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