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Reinforcements: Our new agent Rakele

Meet Rakele Rossi our latest addition to the HJCKD booking team.

Where did the music take you In Your career Rakele? From Italy to now in a nutshell?

”Since I was a little girl I was passioned about music thanks to my parents, both professional dancers around Europe.
I studied for years at the Dance Academy where I was well educated in music studying also the piano. Since an early age, I was passioned about rock and roll, blues, rock, soul, synth pop and electro music so I decided to study and practice the making of music and mixing the sounds at various Engineer of Sound schools.

After years as a passionate clubber and organising events in the nightlife, I got inspired to become a DJ to transmit and share all my love and passion for music with the people. In the last 11 years, I played as a DJ all around Italy and Holland  whilst producing and releasing music on various recording labels.”

What have you been doing lately? 

Sound Engineer live-studio-band, DJ, Music Producer, Keyboard Player Performer, Composer, Events Organiser, Promoter.
My hobbies: art, playing musical instruments, painting, travelling, reading, history, astronomy, photography, archeoastronomy, archaeology, cooking…

What inspires you?

I’m really happy to start a new chapter with HJCKD and I look forward to being part of such great agency. With this important step, I hope to share and transmit all my love and passion for the music with people around the world and with different cultures. Music, Peace, Love and Unity🌞

Rakele will be taking care of all bookings and representation of our artists in Italy. 

Feel free to say hello when she reaches out to you, we are pretty confident that you will be in good hands with her.
View our complete roster over here: HJCKD.AM Roster


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