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Reinforcements: Our new agent Pep

Welcome Pep! Where are u from?
Hi, I’m Pep, Born in the Netherlands, Schooled in the U.K. and currently living in Romania.

what have you been doing lately?
I’ve always been a sales guy but am currently head of a team that is providing technical support. The joys of corporate ey? I’m not at the point where I can quit my day job and do music full time, you know, live the dream! I’ve written tons of music under different aliases and am currently looking to release an album independently.  I also Dj but just for fun.

What inspires you?
What inspires me most is seeing people play live and how the crowd react, there’s something so magical about a live performance, music being made on the spot.
For HJCKD I hope to be involved in bringing great music to all the music lovers out there, it’s a great team of wonderful people and I’m happy to be involved in bringing the music to the masses.

Pep will be taking care of all bookings and representation of our artists in Romania and Croatia.
Feel free to say hello when he reaches out to you, we are pretty confident that you will be in good hands with him.
View our complete roster over here: HJCKD.AM Roster


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