Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter

Detroit (USA)

Blake Baxter “the prince of techno”

Blake Baxter was DJing all sorts of dance music from Hip Hop to techno and has working on his own productions in studios in Detroit and Chicago long before other artist from Detroit city got noticed worldwide for their electronic music sound.

Blake was born in the Soul and Techno Mecca Detroit Michigan USA but also very influenced by the Chicago house music scene, it eventually led to his his first signing to some of Chicago’s classic imprints like: DJ international, Westside Records, Jack Masters Series and eventually the German label Tresor.
After his first KMS release came the first Detroit techno compilation; the compilation that introduced the Detroit electronic music artist and their sound to the world on the virgin ten records.
Blake Baxter got nicknamed: “The prince of techno”  after his first Underground Resistance Record. (UR-06 titled “The prince of techno ep’) that eventually led to his big breakthrough in Europe while he was touring the EU with UR member Jeff Mills.  

Numerous releases & affiliations with appeared with artists like: Abe Duque, Marc Romboy, Ben Sims (“I wanna go back”), Random Authentic Works Ep, Resist the Silence Ep and his most recent Poetry and Rhythm in 2016.