Buenos Aires
The  inspiration for E110101  is drawn from many artistic fields, like: photography, films and various styles of music ranging from jazz, gospel and blues to Chicago house and Detroit techno.

E110101 unfolds a range of styles which are capable to satisfy the most demanding ears. Best described as a classic sound but one that proposes a visionary and retrospective look. Jazz, Funk, Disco, House and Techno are mixed into a two hour set to prove that boundaries between genres are nothing but pointless limitations.

Improvisation prevails preferably with vinyl records and analog machines as the fundamental axis to achieve greater dynamics paired with surprising scratch techniques and well decorated blends. This is the trademark E110101 sound what pushes their high energy hybrid sets ever since their inception in 2014

Buenos Aires  is home to some of the best South American clubs and even brought their own astute techno DJ’s to the table. It’s from these fertile grounds filled with rich electronic music culture that Juan and Guido’s E110101 sprouted.

E110101 plays a few of the key clubs in Buenos Aires like Cocoliche and UNDER and produced/released a numerous EP’s on various labels like Subsist from Barcelona, Obscuur Utrecht.