Echoplex – Synewave Records / ARTS / Soleil Records

Travel broadens the mind. Every new place gives you a unique and precious experience. Echoplex could say, in the times Poland was separated by iron curtain, he was fortunate to start his life journey by moving to Italy, continuing in Windsor Canada and later on Vancouver. Going back to Poland to have a longer stop in Scotland. And he feels it’s just a good beginning.

All these places, free and scared people, polish radio Trojka, especially “experimental studio and muzyka el”, early science television programs featuring electronic noises and music, “E= mc2 ” by Marek Bilinski in 1984 on Polton records, his first Italian raves, and residency at one of Italian clubs, continuous exploration of sound in The Music Institute in Canada, being addicted to a show called “The new dance show” made in Detroit, his first experiments with sound at a Port Moody High school studio in Vancouver, where he used to spend all the weekends learning about analog equipment, sequencing, sampling and processing of audio…

All these and more aroused the passionate devotion to electronic music.

25 years later, and past then more then 100 releases, Echoplex feels the time has come again to make (this time) two steps forward with a new project. On September 28 he is due to release an Album double pack for Solar Phenomena records.