Mike Anderson has pushed through the boundaries of many styles to form his own unique one, known as PRACTICLE HOUSE, an amalgamation of sounds ranging from Deep Vocal Soulful to Chicago Detroit and Electro Techno Grooves.

Mike grew up in Reading and London, passing through the eras of hardcore techno and abstract house being educated by the likes of Colin Dale and other DJs of that same time. Fortifying his knowledge of sound through jungle techno, drum and bass releasing his first record on DJ Pascals Label Frontline!!

Before Branching out into the Garage and Speed Garage scene, Playing in clubs especially in Birmingham, London and holding a residency at the famous(House Of Windsor) ,before moving to Italy where he would fall in love with house music.
We can say that Mike has formed his own style within the many sounds and styles of house keeping it real by using the roots of Italian house disco, Detroit and Chicago and moving all the way to the Berlin and Japanese influenced electro sounds as well as using the best of anything in between.

In this moment Mike is conducting his own radio show on a fm radio station In the South Of Italy www.radioradiosa.it. Where he is promoting his own music as well as giving possibilities to up and coming and in some cases unheard of artists and producers.
Mike Anderson has now worked with many producers on tracks. He has had his music released on legendary labels such as King Street Sounds New York and KMS the legendary Detroit label Of Kevin Saunderson the producer of Inner City. Already worked with Orlando Voorn, Santonio Echols, Dantiez Saunderson (Kevin Saunderson’s son), Letkolben, The Pasta Boys, Jordon Fields, Murphay Jaxx and Jeremy Sylvester and many more…