Scan 7

Scan 7


Scan 7 happened as a revelation of the Techno traditions, when they appeared on the most respected and mythical label of Motor City, “Underground Resistance” in 1990.

Scan 7 distances their personality and face from their work creating a pure aura where the essence of music is not hindered by any other element. They became one of the top representatives of the Detroit Techno movement pioneering the purest essence of the school that was born in the heart of Motown.

93 is a pivotal year, producing the LP “Separate Minds – Troubled World” for the label “Direct Hit Records”.  It would also be the year in which they would start recording and give life to various projects as a soloist with different pseudonyms: Unknown Force, The Specialist, Black Man, The Shadow, Allergy and SCAN 7.

Two years later in 1995, they release their second material called the “Undetectable EP” continued by the stamp of “UR”. The evolution and symbiosis with the machines take more and more presence in tracks like “Password Soul” and ” Voiceprint”.
That same year they would release their last collaboration with “UR”, the “Invisible Thoughts EP” with 2 tracks: Decoder and Transparent, which have become some of the hymns that Scan 7 handled. The 1998 release, “Beyond Sound EP” on “Tresor Records” would eventually canonize them as Techno redeemers.

Over the years the collective has reorganized allowing the expansion of their sound work. The new identity defines its sound due to the exits and entries of different members.  As time passed they managed to find stability and presence with the same solid ideology stronger and more ready than ever.

“SCAN 7 is the gatekeeper of the underground and without any exaggeration. It’s a strict code of analogous ethics, its private image and its struggle not to be absorbed by technology puts them in a position of resistance.”